Kirsi Jansa


Documentary Filmmaker, 2010-present
Freelance Broadcast and Print Journalist, 2000-present
Finland and the US
Produced TV-stories in Finland and in the US for the main Finnish network YLE, The    Finnish Broadcasting Company.
Authored magazine articles for major Finnish magazines on Finnish and American topics.

Video Journalist / Backpack Journalist in Finland and Spain, 1999
 Planned, wrote, partly filmed and pre-edited an internationally broadcast 30-minute feature                story  on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The Finnish Broadcasting Company.

TV Assistant Editor/Anchor, 1997-1999
 For YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Company, environmental and sustainable consumer       program Ekoisti. 

Freelance Journalist/Broadcast Journalist, 1993-1999
 Produced TV-stories for YLE, the Finnish Broadcast Company, and wrote magazine and   newspaper stories specializing in environment, health and consumer issues.

Journalist In Training, 1989-1993
 Worked with local and regional Finnish newspapers and local TV stations.

Mindfulness Coach, 2012-present
• Organizes Healing Relaxation workshops.


Flight School Fellowship, 2014
Professional development for Pittsburgh artists. Organized by Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Creative Capital. Strategic planning, financial strategies, fundraising, marketing. Pittsburgh, PA.

Sustainability Pioneers, 2014
Production grant, The Heinz Endowments

Sustainability Pioneers, 2014
Production grant, The Fisher Fund at the Pittsburgh Foundation

Gas Rush Stories, 2013
Innovative Community Film & Video Project, honorable mention, The Sprout Fund

Gas Rush Stories, 2012 and 2013
Production and promotion grants, The Heinz Endowments

Backpack Journalism Workshop, 2010
Organized by Bill Gentile, an independent journalist, documentary filmmaker, and professor at American University in Washington, DC.  Effective visual storytelling, story conception, scriptwriting, shooting, and editing. Washington DC.

Relaxation course leader training, 2007-
Organized by Tara Rokpa Therapy Company in Scotland, the UK and Germany.

Creative fiction writing course, 2006
University of Helsinki, Finland.

Shooting and Editing Workshop for Journalists, 2000
Organized by YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Radio and Television Institute, Helsinki, Finland.

10-day Television Journalism Workshop, 1999
Shooting and editing workshop for tv-journalists. Organized by BBC and Circom Regional in Cavtat, Croatia. 

Bachelor of Social Sciences,  1994
Concentration in mass communication, TV journalism, public health. Special courses on scriptwriting and photography.  University of Tampere, Finland.


Gas Rush Stories (5-18 min documentaries)			                            2011-present
A series of short documentaries on gas drilling.
Research, script, interview, camera, edit.
         • Sprout Fund Innovative Community Film and Video
         Honorable Mention Award 						                    2013
	  • GRS Renewable Energy Experts:
	American Conservation Film Festival Official Selection                     2013
	• GRS Life Above Marcellus Shale:
	Three Rivers Film Festival / Competitive Shorts Program                 2013
	• GRS Accidental Fractivist:
	Pittsburgh 14th Ward Independent Democratic Club
	Progressive Visions Short Video Contest Audience Award	            2013
	• GRS Organic Farmer:
	The Taste Awards Finalist						                    2013

Mother to Everyone (26 min)    
A 50 year birthday gift to one wise mother.                                                2014

First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh (7 min)				                    2012
Introductory video for First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh.

In Transition (60 min)									                    2011
One hour long family video for Stephanie Land and Rob Gorman.
Script, interview, camera, edit.

Waltzing with Bears (110 min)							                    2010
Event documentation of a 20-year anniversary celebration of David Herndon, 
a minister in the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh.
Camera, edit. 

Penny from Shady Lane (15 min)							            2010
Short documentary on a gifted and beloved early-educator, who has been 
in the field as long as daycare has existed in the US.  The video is a tribute for and showcase of her work. 
Script, interview, camera, edit. 

Donna in Our Minds (18 min)								           2010
A memory video on an innovative early childhood educator.
Interview, camera, edit.

A Night to Protect the Earth (5 min)						                    2010
Short documentary follows what happens at the Environmental Charter School
in Pittsburgh, PA, on Earth Night, April 2010.
Camera, edit.

Peer Justice (5 min)									                            2010
An infomercial for Time Dollar Youth Court in Washington, D.C.
Script, camera, edit.

Our Kids (7 min)									        	                    2010
Short documentary on Time Dollar Youth Court in Washington D.C., 
an inspiring organization that helps teenagers, who get into trouble
with the law, learn from their mistakes and grow to be responsible citizens.
Script, camera, edit.

Counter Punch	(5 x 5 min)								                    2001
Five 5-minute stories on sustainable living in the US for YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company.
Research, script, interview, camera, off-line editing.

Steps from Mundane to Sacred (30 min)					            2000
(Askelia arjesta pyhään)
A documentary of a pilgrimage in Finland. The Finnish Broadcasting Company.
Research, script, video diary, directing, interview, off-line editing.

On the Way to Santiago	(30 min)							            1999
(Santiagon tiellä)
An internationally broadcast documentary about a famous pilgrimage in Spain.
Finnish Broadcasting Company / Euroopan vuoksi.
Research, script, video diary, directing, interview, off-line editing.